Month: October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Would You Trust This Man?!

Would you trust this man?!

Ok, so this was me playing around with the way I paint. I was trying to rely less on washes and more on opaque acrylic, without obscuring my original sketch and not making a total mess.

And yeah that is me and yes I was having a laugh.

1969 Dodge Charger

Muscle Car

1969 Dodge Charger

Finally got around to finish this! The bulk of it was done apart from the boot, tailgate, and some final highlights.  Quite a few challenges (which to be honest is no bad thing).

More drawings and paintings to come!

Life Drawing

This week things haven’t gone as smoothly as I would have liked so all I can offer is filler this week. A meager selection of some of my life drawing sketches.

I went a bit mad with the soft pencil here in order to pick out the musculature, but I think they worked out nicely.

Creature Repair Bay/Unicorn Illustration

This is an illustration I completed for a unicorn related call out. Unicorns, fairytale and all things cuddly aren’t usually what I would choose to draw so I quickly slapped together this, subverting it mildly for my own selfish ends. . In the end I didn’t actually submit it, but it gave me the opportunity to experiment a little with pen and ink. More to come hopefully!

Reportage-Cork Markets

Here’s a selection of sketches I completed as reportage in open markets in Cork on my visit home. I got some strange looks setting up with my sketch pad and camera!  Not my usual cup of tea (lacking sci-fi and the like), but it was a good exercise.

The pen and ink didn’t allow me to be too precious about the drawings. I like sketching people, but I’m not always a massive fan of backgrounds. Having said that you can’t always just dispense with the setting. See what you think anyway.