Heroman Comic Strip Painting In Progress

This was an experiment of sorts. I was trying to bash out a fully painted comic strip as quickly as I could AND be happy with it at the end. Quickly you say?! ….not so much. I let it drag out a little longer than I should have, but it proved to be educational, and workable at least. I can see a few issues already, but even if it was perfect I wouldn’t like it! Too late now!

I’m posting these phone camera images (apologies) of the strip this week, but I will follow this up with the finished painting, worts and all, as soon as I Photoshop it to oblivion, and insert speech bubbles so you get the full sense of the strip.

Before I forget, this isn’t my intellectual property, but one of a few sample scripts

I found on the internet. I don’t know who wrote it, but it served my purposes (a challenge not for profit), so cheers unknown writer, I hope I’m doing it justice!

I’ll post the finished one soon.

“Tactical Withdrawal”



Originally I had thought of a pretty questionable title for this but “Tactical Withdrawal” seemed less rude and more succinct.

Anyway the thinking behind this post is an experimentation with colour and indulging the sci-fi nerd in me. Here, I dabbled with a few primary and secondary colours, as well as complementary colours. I tried to hint at some symbolism with the choice of colours (I’ll let you work that out for yourself). Worked out ok I think.

I’m kind of obsessed with painting right now. Time consuming stuff. Feel free to leave a comment!

Happy Halloween!

Would You Trust This Man?!

Would you trust this man?!

Ok, so this was me playing around with the way I paint. I was trying to rely less on washes and more on opaque acrylic, without obscuring my original sketch and not making a total mess.

And yeah that is me and yes I was having a laugh.

1969 Dodge Charger

Muscle Car

1969 Dodge Charger

Finally got around to finish this! The bulk of it was done apart from the boot, tailgate, and some final highlights.  Quite a few challenges (which to be honest is no bad thing).

More drawings and paintings to come!

Dodge Viper – Finished

Here’s the finished versionViper………as promised, at last.

I quite enjoyed this. Painting reflective surfaces like car body work is always a challenge. I have another muscle car painting somewhere that needs my attention, so hopefully i’ll get that posted soon. Feel free to leave a comment!

Dodge Viper Painting In Progress

So, I haven’t been here in a while! Went home to visit the old sod, the old emerald isle,  and…. moved house.

“EXCUSES!!!!” I hear you scream! No!…..well yeah, but I have done something, honest! So on my trip home I brought a few materials with me. and as I was there I figured I’d finish off  a long overdue piece. I enjoyed figuring it out anyway. So heres a few in progress images I took (with a phone camera) as I went along. I’ve added comments here and there,  you might find interesting. Feel free to leave a comment!

I’ll post the finished one soon.