Contemporary Art

Superhero Commissions

Commissions completed in pen and promarker of Wonderwoman, X-men’s Colossus and Captain America.

1969 Dodge Charger

Muscle Car

1969 Dodge Charger

Finally got around to finish this! The bulk of it was done apart from the boot, tailgate, and some final highlights.  Quite a few challenges (which to be honest is no bad thing).

More drawings and paintings to come!

Creature Repair Bay/Unicorn Illustration

This is an illustration I completed for a unicorn related call out. Unicorns, fairytale and all things cuddly aren’t usually what I would choose to draw so I quickly slapped together this, subverting it mildly for my own selfish ends. . In the end I didn’t actually submit it, but it gave me the opportunity to experiment a little with pen and ink. More to come hopefully!

G2 Covers

G2 Covers I completed a while back.