Inktober Sketches


Ok full disclosure, I couldn’t commit to the whole 30 days, unfortunately I had quite a bit on. Still I thoroughly enjoyed breaking the ink pens out for the few. They’re a bit of a mixed bag, but pretty enjoyable all the same!

Superhero Commissions

Commissions completed in pen and promarker of Wonderwoman, X-men’s Colossus and Captain America.

Mega Mullet

Playing around with the process for digital painting here. Caught sight of a spectacular mullet in a google search and I just thought it would be fun to paint. Working in clip studio.

Siren Song Movie

Turning back to clock a little, I had the oppurtunity of doing some work on a low budget horror feature called “Siren Song”. It involved the creation of an opening sequence for the movie; introducing the characters and a rough outline of the plot. The idea was to incorporate pencil images into the title sequence. It didnt make the final cut but saw some limited use for promotional purposes and concept development.

You can check out the director here:

And the movie here:

And if you have a minute, you can get the rough cut of the sequence here:

The Pilgrim World – More Dread Part 1 P4


Page 4 of “More Dread Part 1 ” for Cape Fear Comics.

The Pilgrim World – More Dread Part 1 P3


Page 3 of “More Dread Part 1 ” for Cape Fear Comics.